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Structured Wiring

At Sounds at Home we offer structured wiring solutions that offer flexibility and convenience throughout your home and can include wiring for telephone, computer, cable or satellite TV, security and camera surveillance systems. A well designed structured wiring system will allow you to “future proof” your home for any changes you may want to make concerning low voltage systems including home automation. For example a change in your TV and/or internet service provider is much easier when your house is properly wired. It can also make it simpler to add music and video distribution to different rooms in the future. Perhaps you want to add video surveillance and watch on your TV. It can be easily done if the proper wiring has been installed.

Wireless technologies are improving all the time but still cannot match the transfer speed, dependability and security of properly installed cabling. At Sounds At Home, we have stringent wiring practices. We only use the highest quality cables including RG6 quad shielded coaxial cable for TV and cat5e or cat6 cable for computer/telephone services. These low voltage cables are installed away from electrical wiring whenever possible to eliminate noise interference and are “home-run” to a central location. It’s never smart to splice into these cables so we can keep the integrity of the cables. Proper termination is important and the final touch is labeling the cables so there are fewer problems in the future.

It’s difficult to keep up on all the audio/video technologies on the market today, never mind what will be available in the future. Make an appointment and sit down with Sounds At Home’s experienced consultants. We’ll ask a lot of questions but together we can map out a structured wiring design that will meet your lifestyle and budget for today as well as tomorrow.


How many people live in the house? Do you have children? How old are they?

What rooms will you want to have TV’s now and in the future? Telephones? Computers?

What TV service provider do you currently have? Telephone service? Computer service?

Do you want to watch the same DVD movie in different rooms at the same time?

Do you want to view pictures stored on your computer to your main TV? How many TV’s?

Do you want to listen to music stored on your computer to the main stereo system?

Are there rooms or areas of the home that you may want to video monitor? Pool?