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Lighting Controls

Sounds At Home sells and installs lighting control systems that can enhance convenience, esthetics and even security, using your existing electrical wiring.

Imagine that you press the “movie” button on your remote control and all the “magic” happens. Your Audio/Video equipment powers on, switches to the proper settings and just as the movie is starting, the lights dim exactly to the level you desire. When the movie ends, you press the “power off” button and the lighting raises to a preset level that allows you to leave the room and not trip over the furniture. All of this is done without you ever leaving the sofa.

Sounds At Home will work with you to create lighting scenes based on your activities in the room or the whole house. A “reading” scene may turn up the table lamp but turn down the recessed ceiling lights. A “party” scene may turn on all the lights but dim them to a comfortable level for your guests as well as enhance the architectural aspects of the house. This can be done with the touch of one button

Sounds At Home can even design and install a lighting control system that allows you turn on the main lights to the house, including a pathway to your bedroom, all from inside your car. A remote control from beside your bed can turn off all the lights in the house or turn them all on if you hear a strange noise inside the house. We’ll guide you and keep you within budget so you can enjoy the benefits of lighting control for one room, two or the whole house.


What rooms would you like to have a one-touch lighting control?

What will be the main activities in that room?

Do you have architectural aspects of the house that you want to highlight?

Do you have artwork that you want to highlight?

Do you have a home security system? What brand ?