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Media Rooms

Sounds At Home is a specialist in designing and installing Media Rooms in the Tampa Bay market. These rooms can be dedicated for movie watching, playing video games, sports watching and even using them for doing office work at home. Everyone’s lifestyle is different and that’s why we’ll sit down with you and ask a lot of questions so that we can custom design the electronic system that’s right for you.

Our company has access to many audio/video products that you never see at the “big box” stores and they allow us to design an entertainment system that can blend into your room’s décor and truly accentuate your lifestyle. We carry speakers that can be completely hidden behind walls or ceilings, TV’s that can be hidden behind artwork. We can also determine if your current A/V electronics can be used.


Of course, our experienced installation staff will install the electronics and speakers cleanly with all the cables wire-tied and hidden as best as possible. We’ll also program the system control to make all the operations simple to use.

Contact us for a free in-home consultation. We will come at a convenient time for you, in the environment that you are most comfortable, your home. This will allow us to best establish your entertainment needs to enhance your home lifestyle.


Where will the main seating be located?

How many people will be using this room? What are their viewing preferences? Will you be watching more than one thing at a time?

Will the location be dedicated to movie and sports viewing or is it a “multi-purpose” room? Can you control the light in the room?

Do you want the equipment and speakers to be visible, as inconspicuous as possible or to disappear completely in the room?

Where is your computer system located? Do you want to be able to access it from this room?

What quality picture and sound are you looking for in this room? What have you experienced in the past? Is music going to be strictly background or will you also want to do some “serious” music listening?