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Marine Audio & Video

Sounds At Home has a marine division covering the Tampa Bay area that installs audio/video systems and GPS in boats of all sizes. We have a friendly staff, experienced and knowledgeable who specialize in marine electronics installations, anything from audio/video in-dash, to accessory I-pod /Zune integration, custom audio/video and a wide variety of GPS tracking systems.

We will come to your existing boats or pre-wire A/V systems during boat construction where we can custom design the interior layouts for the best possible setups. Sounds At Home can even recommend and install the best GPS navigation for your boating lifestyle. Concerned about theft? We can install a system that will call you if your boat is stolen and keep a constant tracking of your boat.

Marine Video

Use our experience in Marine Audio/Video to enhance your experience on the waters. Boating is a great time but it’s even better when listening to your favorite music. Contact Sounds At Home for an appointment and we’ll come to meet you.


How many locations do you want music and/or video?

How much time do you spend in those locations?

How many people are likely to listen or watch different music or videos at the same time.

What quality sound do you want in each different location on the boat. Will the music be background to other activities or a main focus?

Where on the boat do you want to control the music/video system?

Do you want to be able to just raise and lower the volume of the system from that location or do you want to be able to change the song or video from that spot?

Are you concerned with the theft of your boat?