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Audio & Video for the Whole House

Of all our entertainment systems you can choose for your home, one of the most enjoyable is a whole house music and/or video system. This system eliminates the need for many separate stereos but allows you to listen to music or watch videos in any room in the house, all distributed from one location.

At the touch of a button, you can hear your favorite CD's, AM/FM or satellite radio programs, DVD's and music and videos stored on a hard-drive, from any room in the house, just like you had a separate audio or video system in each room, but without the expense of buying all those extra components.

whole house system

It makes all occasions better. Get-together's with friends, formal parties, even household chores seem more enjoyable with music. For example, the kids can enjoy hip-hop music in their room, Mom can be listening to her favorite 80's music in the family room and kitchen, while Dad could be watching and listening to the big game on the Lanai. All at the same time, from the same Audio/Video System.

Let Sounds at Home come to your house to help you create a whole house system that will suite your lifestyle and your budget. From a simple entertainment system that allows you to listen to the same music in a couple of rooms to a more elaborate audio/video system that allows different music and/or movies to be playing at the same time, we have the skill to design your home audio/video system from conception to final installation.

And since no system is fun to own if it's not easy to use, we'll make sure you can operate everything as simple as possible!


How many locations do you want music and/or video? How many times do you spend in those locations?

How many people are likely to listen or watch different music or videos at the same time?

Do you want speakers to be visible, as inconspicuous as possible or to disappear completely in the room.

What quality sound do you want in each different room. Will the music be background to other activities or a main focus?

How do you want to control the music/video system? Do you want to be able to just raise and lower the volume or do you want to be able to change the song or video from that particular room.