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Mobile Audio & Video

Sounds At Home has a friendly, experienced mobile electronics sales and installation department that serves the greater Tampa Bay area. Driving to work? Taking a road trip? Or just cruising? There’s nothing better than listening to your favorite music on a great sounding mobile system. It can even make getting stuck in traffic a little more tolerable.

At Sounds At Home, our mobile installation crew has a combined 40 years experience in the car stereo industry. We specialize in the sales and installation of custom audio/video in-dash, accessory I-pod /Zune integration, security, hand-free cell phone integration and a wide variety of GPS navigation systems. Our mobile installers will even design custom speaker enclosures to give you the best “boom” for your dollar.


Do you have an existing car system that you want to improve, add on to or do you want to custom design a whole new system from scratch? Call us for an appointment and let our mobile team evaluate the sound of your vehicle and make the proper recommendations so that you can have the best system within your budget.


How much time do you spend in your vehicle? Do you travel in your vehicle?

Is GPS navigation an important feature for you?

How many people will be driving the car? How many passengers?

What type of music do you prefer? How loud do you listen?

Will you be listening to AM/FM or satellite radio? CD’s?

Do you own an I-pod or I-phone? MP player?

Will you be watching movies in the vehicle? Video games?

Is car theft a concern to you?