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A/V Calibration

The system is in place, the picture and sound is good, now go for great! Call Sounds At Home to calibrate your Audio/Video equipment and customize the picture and sound to your room. We can do basic system calibrations that will come close to the perfect sound and picture settings for your room or set you up with a trained ISF (Image Science Foundation) technician to maximize your system’s optimum performance.

The A/V equipment you purchase is preset out of the box to “factory” settings. The manufacturers cannot possibly customize these settings for maximum performance in each customer’s houses so they set them to perform well in a large department store environment with florescent lighting. TV’s are set to their brightest picture setting so they might “stand out” when placed in a row of multiple TV’s.

Unfortunately, these picture settings do not allow the TV’s to perform their best in your room. Colors can be oversaturated, black level is not set correctly and picture detail is poor. The acoustic quality of your room will have a huge effect on the sound of your speakers. Every room is different. The size, shape, furnishings and even the color of the walls will have a great effect on the sound and picture quality of your audio/video equipment.

Sounds at Home will calibrate your picture to look its best in your room based on your rooms lighting and we will also calibrate your speakers to perform their best based on placement and angle. We will make the necessary adjustments in your A/V receiver to optimize its performance as well.

Let our experience allow you to enjoy your viewing and listening experience to a whole new level. Something that the “big box” stores don’t.


TV’s video settings are factory preset to look their brightest in large showrooms with fluorescent lighting, not usually set to look their best in your room.

TV’s picture will look more realistic when video settings are set properly.

TV’s can last longer when the video settings are set properly.

The size, shape and even furnishings will have a huge effect on a speakers overall tonality.

Even slight changes in speaker placement can make a big difference in their performance