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GPS Tracking - Fleet Management

With over 10 years of experience, Sounds At Home is the preferred installer for most major GPS (Global Positioning System) vendors doing business in Florida. For your convenience, we will travel to most major Florida markets to install these GPS systems at your place of business. We even use discrete vehicles in case the business owner wants the installations to be covert.

GPS navigation allows for better fleet management. With GPS installed, the business owner and/or fleet manager can easily find stolen vehicles, eliminate employee time-waste and route their drivers to their stops much more efficiently. Not only will a business owner know the exact location of every vehicle at all times, some systems can even be designed to warn them when the vehicle needs servicing.

Sounds At Home will travel all around Florida, to your place of business to install GPS in all types of vehicles including trucks, vans, tractors, limousines, riding mowers and now, even motorcycles!

A new GPS has been designed to be installed discretely on your motorcycle and can alert you on your computer or phone if someone has stolen it. You can even cut off the motor with your smart phone! Owners of motorcycle shops can pinpoint the exact location of their rental bikes and even find out the speed the renters were driving them.

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How many vehicles are in your business?

Do the employees take the business vehicles home?

Do you want your drivers to know there is a GPS in the vehicles

Are you concerned with reducing fuel costs?

Do your drivers make multiple stops in a typical day?

Have you had any vehicles stolen?